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Aims and Scope Journal of Integrative Agriculture (JIA), formerly Agricultural Sciences in China (ASC), founded in 2002, is an official publication of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS). JIA seeks to publish those papers that are influential and will significantly advance scientific understanding in agriculture fields worldwide.

《Journal of Integrative Agriculture》 杂志 投稿指南

1.The thesis should be innovative, academic, scientific, normative and readable, with clear theme, reliable data, sufficient arguments, strict logic, concise language and clear charts. Papers on fund projects above provincial and ministerial level will be published preferentially.
2. The content shall not involve state and military secrets. The author shall provide the confidential review opinion.
3.The structure of the thesis includes Chinese and English titles, abstracts, key words, text, references, brief introduction of the author, etc. The title should be concise, specific and precise, generalize the main idea of the paper, and do not use non-public abbreviations, codes, etc., no more than 20 Chinese characters. The abstract should be written as a report summary, which includes four parts: purpose, method, result and conclusion, with 200-300 Chinese characters. The author's name, year of birth, title, degree, research direction, e-mail, etc. shall be provided. The full text should be no more than 8000 words.
4.To quote or refer to other people's research results, including the original text, important data, charts, quotations or references of main ideas and opinions, should be included in the references. The description format of references shall be in accordance with the national standard "rules for description of references after writing GB / t7714-2005", for example:
Monograph: principal responsible person. Title [M]. Other responsible persons. Edition item. Place of publication: publisher, year of publication. Page number of citation
Journal: main responsible person. Title [J]. Journal name, year, volume (issue): starting and ending page number
Electronic documents: main responsible person. Title [EB / OL]. [reference date]. Access path
5..The journal firmly opposes academic misconduct, and the author must abide by the academic norms of natural science research.
Journal of Integrative Agriculture
《Journal of Integrative Agriculture》

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